Indo Pacific Coral Finder

Project: Visual Decision Tool | Client: Self published | Year: 2009, 2011, 2016

Coral Finder 2.0 in action in the Maldives...

The Indo Pacific Coral Finder is a unique, easy-to-use Visual Decision Tool that brings reliable genus level coral identification within the reach of the motivated individual. Using a novel visual navigation system the Coral Finder requires nothing more than a keen eye to get results.

The Coral Finder’s design overcomes the problem of phenotypic variation in corals (i.e. how they change shape with environment) and  cross references back to Charlie Veron’s epic 3 volume treatise Corals of the World (Veron, 2000) for post dive learning. In effect it reverse engineers the learning problem and has made this profound scientific work much more accessible to people trying to learn the basics of coral ID. The Coral Finder was conceived, funded and develop by Russell Kelley with support from the Australian Coral Reef Society and J.E.N. Veron.

The Coral Finder has been distributed to over 50 countries. (Second edition 2011;  3rd edition 2016). You can purchase the Indo Pacific Coral Finder here and read testimonials here.