Fish and People

Project: Education | Client: JCU / ARC Centre of Excellence | Year: 2012

Fish and People (F & P) is a 5 module video education series with accompanying lesson plans and teaching resources developed for use in the Solomon Islands education system. It uses animation to visualise invisible / unfilmable life cycle and fishery management concepts. Based on an original idea by Dr Simon Foale, F & P was co-written with Russell Kelley who conceived and directed the unique animated  storytelling style. While the original target audience was high school students in the Solomon Islands and PNG, F & P is proving popular with audiences, technical and non-technical, across the Indo Pacific as far away as Kenya. Anyone interested in using F & P formally, acquiring copies of the videos on disk or producing a localised version for your part of the world, should contact Dr Simon Foale at James Cook University.

In a hurry? Then check out Module 4 for a good cross section of material showing the use of animation to explain dispersal and management concepts.

Module 1 Fish and People: Plenty More Fish in the Sea?

Fish and People Module 1: Plenty More Fish in the Sea asks the question... "Are fish populations declining?" and explores the reality that all marine fisheries have limits.

Module 2 - Fish and People: Where Do Fish Come From?

Fish and People Module 2: Where Do Fish Come From?  This module provides an introduction to the life cycles of fish and other marine animals.

Module 3 - Fish and People: How to make more fish!

"How to make more fish" explores biological and ecological characteristics of marine animals that impact the way populations respond to fishing. This module is concerned with  important aspects of the biology of fish and other marine animals that affect the rate of increase of their populations. This information can give students a better understanding of why populations of some species increase more rapidly after they are reduced by fishing than others.

Module 4 - Fish and People: Larval Lifeboats Near and Far.

In this module we build on some of the concepts introduced in Module 2, and look in greater detail at the process of larval dispersal and the biological attributes of larvae that affect how far they travel before settling and transforming into juveniles. In particular this module deals with scales of dispersal and scales of management.

Module 5 - Fish and People: Fish and People, Today and Tomorrow.

This module is primarily concerned with human populations and fishery management. It deals with how we think about and measure fishing pressure as it relates to: 1) human population size and density, 2) markets (domestic and export), and 3) technology (fishing gear).