Menacing Waters

Project: Broadcast TV | Client: Discovery Channel | Year: 1999

Menacing Waters is an early example of the use of animation in natural history to show "unfilmable" stories.  In truth this kind of studio doco was also a budget necessity because broadcasters didn't want to pay for expensive behavioural natural history in the field when they could have Steve Irwin "reality natural history" for one quarter of the price!

Animation Zac Hogg, sound design Ashton Ward, DOP Richard Fitzpatrick; written, directed and produced Russell Kelley; scientific consultants Dr. Jamie Seymour, Dr Bryan Fry and Dr Paul Alewood.

Stinging cells

This sequence animates (for the first time) the process by which stinging cells discharge. Stinging cells have the fastest physical cell process known and are impossible to visualise using conventional optical techniques.The stinging cell discharge process involves a quite complex 3 dimensional eversion before delivery of a potentially lethal venom! This clip accurately illustrates a biological process before it made it into the text books.

Note: sound FX include distorted piglet squeals!

The Blue Ring Octopus

A hybrid behavioural / animation sequence illustrating how the "nervous system" works. The film then shows how venom has evolved to exquisitely target weaknesses in the nervous system's design. DOP Richard Fitzpatrick, animation Zac Hogg; conceived, written, directed and produced Russell Kelley; scientific consultant Dr. Mark Norman.


Snake bite

This clip follows the traumatic journey of an actual snake bite victim and illustrates the ways snake venom can target the human nervous system.