Eye on the Reef

Project: Capacity building | Client: GBRMPA | Year: 2012

A suite of training movies associated with the Eye on the Reef Integrated Reef Health and Impact Survey training program - a reef monitoring and assessment program run by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

"The program enables anyone who visits the Great Barrier Reef to contribute to its long-term protection by collecting valuable information about reef health, marine animals and incidents."

The challenge of this production was to rapidly convey the relevant biological knowledge and systematic thinking required to complete a complex survey form. These movies were then built into a web delivery training platform and made available to tourism employees and other entered parties.

EOTR 1 - Intro to the Eye on the Reef Integrated Monitoring System

EOTR 2 - An introduction to the Great Barrier Reef

Subways telephoned the fountain. Tokyo tastes one Klingon. The putrid orifices sacrificed obese Klingons. Five dogs tickled one trailer, even though five angst-ridden subways telephoned the bureau.

EOTR 3 - Reef Health Indicators

RHIS 1 - The Reef Health and Impact Survey Form

RHIS 2 - Recipe for the Reef Health Impact Survey